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Click the subscription button and you will then be returned to the logon page to provide initial information for us to provide you system logons and a Franchise agreement.

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We look forward to working with you.

Here we start together to Build a business to deliver global scouting in a global sports marketplace.

Whether you decided to be a Regional Director and sub Franchise out your total business or look to deliver everything yourself or maybe a combination of both we have a business option for you. We can even put you in touch with people in your region that would like to build a business with you.  We will also help send you athletes information for your camps and Combines via our global network.

There are 2 options for the Franchise fee for a Region (State or group of states), that is the annual up front free which is $2000 (dependant on annual turnover) or the monthly “easy pay fee. With either option you can run the total region and then sub franchise to others to help you deliver the business. You run your business your way with our support.


Remember the way to be successful is to help others be successful, in sport and in business.

We maximise the search exposure to as many athletes as possible, globally.


Athletes will provide information to you online via their online Database with Stats and Game film so together, we can provide that too the Coaches, Colleges, Management and scouts s they can see it at will.


You should also look out for local events run by our Regional Directors to continue to look for Athlete standardised testing results.


We will also locally hold coaching camps with coaches for all over the USA and the world.

Year 1 Payment Options

Toll Free (US)  877-477-8527

Free Phone (UK) 0800-404-9170

International +44 7813 819494

Skype : globalscouting

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