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Global Sport Scouting work with you to provide a global scouting network for Athletes and Coaches at every level looking for that opportunity to develop and make the next career move, From the High School Student Athlete to the Elite Pro.

We are not agents, we are a scouting and development business, working with a network of coaches and Regional Business Directors to develop athletes and their opportunities to play sport.

Have you ever wanted to make sport your living?

Would you like to be out of the daily rat race?

In charge of your destiny?

The work you put in resulting  the benefits you make for yourself

Providing a quality product for minimal cost to the athlete?

In the USA, Franchised By State in Europe by Country

Headed up by Business Director /Franchise owner

3 Options into our business




Global Sport Scouting Network

The documents in our ‘Welcome Page’ shows each business model with a Conservative and Active cost and income model

The key is your doing what you love and the more you work and help others the greater the return on the franchise.

This really is a case of

The sky is the limit!

Toll Free (US)  877-477-8527

Free Phone (UK) 0800-404-9170

International +44 7813 819494

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