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Global Sport Scouting LLP and its subsidiaries acts on behalf of all of its clients to locate and introduce Athletes and Coaches to Educational Institutions and Professional Organizations that work within our programs. We make no guarantee of a placement, as that is not within our power, however we will continue to work with, and market all parties, within our programs. In essence Global Sports Scouting LLP is an Introductions Bureau.

All of our online programs are subscriptions based and to maintain the service level selected payments must continue. All service payments are pushed from the client end, not drawn from our bank. Therefore for a service to be discontinued it must be cancelled from the client end to discontinue payment.

Communication will come to the athlete and/or coach directly from the interested Educational Institutions or Professional Organizations and the relationship and negotiation is then the responsibility of the parties to manage. We ask that you return to us the ‘Contact Tracker’ regularly so we can track where interest is coming from. However as part of our business offering we will provide support and independent advise on options to all parties.

As part of our service offering we will hold Camps and combines in locations that suit our business and client demand. We may chose to work with a growing list of Partner organizations to provide a solid service to all our clients.

All information collected by GSS LLP remains the property of the business and its Partners. To protect your data we restrict access to our Database system. We will also not actively advertise that you are working with our business for the use of advertising our business. We may however ask permission from you announce your placement through the business or ask for a letter of recommendation at the end of your program.

Any issues that need raising should be directed to

Toll Free (US)  877-477-8527

Free Phone (UK) 0800-404-9170

International +44 7813 819494

Skype : globalscouting

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