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Global Sport Scouting LLP

Global Sport Scouting LLP is an innovative web-based service that provides worldwide scouting assistance and experienced sports recruiting knowledge for athletes at various stages of their careers. GSS is specifically tailored to serve both Men and Women ranging from high school athletes looking for an opportunity to play in college, college-level athletes considering minor league or semi Professional sport, and elite athletes who are seeking a chance to play in professional leagues worldwide in an almost endless number of sports.

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The Global Leads

Ian Ellis first became involved in major sports back in the early 1980’s as a player in the United Kingdom (UK).  This was followed by an opportunity to play college sports in the US, and a brief stint as an Assistant High School Coach.  Ellis also has NFL experience serving as an intern with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1993 working with the Defensive Coaching staff.  Ellis has also coached in the minor league in the UK, Europe and the US since the mid 1990’s. Most recently, in 2007 Ellis was inducted into the Minor League Hall of Fame for Coaching Football.

David Maskell's first move into sports management began in 1986 with the introduction into the UK of American Football.  Since then, he has been heavily involved in the development of the sport at all levels. In the early 90's he was appointed to the BAFA board and also became General Manager to the Great Britain National Squad. Although American Football is his first love, he also has management experience at county level with soccer working with youth players.

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